About me

I’m a biologist, programmer and statistician specializing in modeling biological populations, building programs to process data, and creating visualizations in R. I recently graduated with my doctorate from the University of South Florida. I worked with Dr. Gordon Fox in the Department of Integrative Biology. My research focused on modeling demographic processes as functions of several biotic and abiotic features.

My main research interests include predictive modeling, data visualization and communication of science to non-scientists. I’m question-driven as they say, interested in all sorts of interactive processes and not beholden to one system. Meaning I’m crazy about data, interested in solving problems and applications to everything from managing bird populations to improving health care outcomes. I’m proficient in R, with a working knowledge of SAS and Python. I worked with Dr. A. Friedman at USF to build an R package to classify data based on Peirce’s theory of Semiosis.

Besides science, my interests include taekwondo, hanging with my nieces, beer breweries, running, dinosaurs, UMN Golden Gopher Athletics, B-rated horror films, and goat yoga. Oh yea, and sharing life with my spouse, Blake.

Florida Scrub Jays- photo by Reed Bowman

Floridafeic0008@gmail.com Scrub Jays- photo by Reed Bowman.



Github: https://github.com/efeichtinger